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SC07.0810  -  8 x 10 HDBaseT Matrix, 70m


Gone are the days of a video matrix just switching video, Pulse-Eight systems are the heart and soul of the modern automated home, providing video instantly where it is needed and contextual feedback to the rest of the home automation system on what the user is doing.

Our flagship control technology – CEC, allows any TV supporting HDMI-CEC (of which pretty much all TVs now do) to send key presses from the original TV remote through the HDBaseT™ link and the neo:8 will route these messages to the connected source devices (i.e. your Sky box or Blu-Ray player).

The neo:8 represents the culmination of 4 years of hardware and software development at Pulse-Eight, working with other partners has allowed them to refine their HDBaseT video matrix solutions to ensure they offer you exactly what you need whether your a professional AV Installer or a residential user. The 8x10 HDBaseT matrix, has alongside the 8 designated HDBT outputs, 2 mirrored HDMI ports and also includes 8 HDBaseT 70m Class B PoH receivers (enables 4K up 40m and standard HD up to 70m).

Why is this matrix so different and so special? Why is it a must for any serious AV professional? Well please review some of the key features below to get a better idea!






HDMI Signal


Transmission distance

Audio format


IP Control



Power Supply


Operating temperature

Operating humidity



Safety and Emission

: 8 x HDMI Sockets Type A

: 8 x 3.5mm Jack for IR Sender

: 1 x RJ45 Data Socket of LAN interface

: 2 x 3.5mm Jack for Global IR control

: 8 x RJ45 Sockets for HDBaseT transmission (receivers)

: 2 x HDMI Sockets Type A (mirrored outputs)

: 8 x 3.5mm Jack for IR Sinks

: HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, HDMI-CEC Bi-Directional Control

: Ultra HD ‘Premium’ 4K

: 4K@40m and 1080p@70m using CAT5e/6

: PCM, Dolby Digital™ and DTS Digital Surround™

: Drivers for industry controllers available for downloading

: Contextual IR routing and IR input selection from receiver

: IEC C14 Inlet - 100-240V 4.0/2.0A 50/60Hz

: Max 2A@240V

: -0 to +35ºC

: 5 to 90% RH (no condensation)

: 2RU Chassis, 290mm Deep

: 4.5Kg




Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight    SKU: P8-HDBT-L-FFM810-KIT

Works with Alexa

With the neo Alexa skill enabled on your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot you can use voice commands to control devices connected to a neo:8 matrix. Fully certified by Amazon, this integration is native to Alexa and requires no configuration.

Remote Monitoring

Keep in contact with the matrix at any time, from anywhere with the Pulse-Eight cloud management service. Simply log into the cloud portal and see helpful diagnosis information to help fix any problems remotely or tell you where issues may have occurred during installation. All of this is free of charge with every matrix! If neo has a problem, Pulse-Eight's team are alerted too and, if required, can contact you to arrange step by step support to get you up and running again.

Web Interface

Accessing the web interface couldn't be easier, simply enter in your browser, or download the Android app on any device connected to the same network - this will automatically send you to the web interface and display the right version for your device. It’s that straight forward! Through this interface you can switch source devices via the drag and drop interface as well as gaining access the virtual remote control. The web interface enables any user to control the matrix without any technical knowledge needed.

3 Year Warranty

All of Pulse-Eight's matrixes come with a free standard 3 year warranty as standard, whereby if at any point during the warranty the unit becomes faulty you can return it back to us for repair. However, you may wish to take advantage of their advanced 3 year warranty or extended 5 year warranty (contact us for more details).


High Definition Multimedia Interface
Connection Drawing
VGA/YUV Video Converters HDMI Switches HDMI Splitters HDMI Extenders HDMI Matrix IPTV NEW

lib CEC

Most TVs now support CEC and Pulse-Eight are world experts in CEC technology - meaning you can can now use your normal TV remote to control and select source devices, even if the source does not support CEC itself as neo will automatically relay the necessary messages to your source device.

Sky IP Control

If you are in the know then you might be thinking that Sky doesn’t support CEC? And you would be correct. However the boffins at Pulse-Eight have implemented IP control with dynamic forwarding. What this means is that you can now control Sky via CEC! IP Based Sky HD/Q control is a first for a matrix and removes the need for any IR control in your system, removing that annoying weak link in your setup.

Contextual IR

You can easily program the matrix to respond to different IR codes, it’s simple to do via the neo built in web interface. Just point the remote at an IR receiver and press the key. Each key is memorized for you to assign to an account, be it routing video to your display or sending a control message to a connected device. What's more, bi-colour LEDs for each zone indicates the flow of IR signals and the direction of flow.

Built in Britain

Everything that Pulse-Eight design, they manufacture and support themselves, all from thier 12,000 sq ft facility in Poole, Dorset in the UK. Pulse-Eight's production team is passionate about perfection and each system goes through an extensive series of quality tests before it’s hand packed and shipped to you ensuring what you receive is ready for prime time.


With Alexa you can manage all your video devices with your voice, for example:

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4
Screen 5
Screen 6
Screen 7
Screen 8
Local HDMI
IP/LAN Control
APP Control
Game Consol
Sat 1
Sat 2
Sat 3
Sat 4


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