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PRO-6051  -  300m Extender over CAT5 with IR

These unique extenders are ideal for home and business installations with operating distances of 10-300m. Electronically balanced video and audio signals ensure zero degradation and maintain a noise free delivery without any adjustments.

The transmitter connects to the source device (Sky Box, FreeView, FreeSat, DVD) and is powered by a plug top mains adaptor. An infra-red emitter is supply for attaching on to the front of the source device allowing remote control from the screen.

Power is sent from the transmitter to the receiver and LED’s are provided to indicated an active connection eliminating the need for power at the screen. A small infra-red sender is provided and can be located just behind the screen out of sight.


Key Features
Video Splitters over CAT5
Description Features Specification Contents
PRO.6094  1:4 Splitter over CAT5, Video, Stereo Audio & IR
PRO.6098  1:8 Splitter over CAT5, Video, Stereo Audio & IR

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