Gone are the days of a video matrix just switching video, Pulse-Eight systems are the heart and soul of the modern automated home, providing video instantly where it is needed and contextual feedback to the rest of the home automation system on what the user is doing.

Our flagship control technology – CEC, allows any TV supporting HDMI-CEC (of which pretty much all TVs now do) to send key presses from the original TV remote through the HDBaseT™ link and the neo:8 will route these messages to the connected source devices (i.e. your Sky box or Blu-Ray player).

The neo:8 represents the culmination of 4 years of hardware and software development at Pulse-Eight, working with other partners has allowed them to refine their HDBaseT video matrix solutions to ensure they offer you exactly what you need whether your a professional AV Installer or a residential user. The 8 x 10 HDBaseT matrix, has alongside the 8 designated HDBT outputs, 2 mirrored HDMI ports and also includes 8 HDBaseT 70m Class B PoH receivers (enables 4K up 40m and standard HD up to 70m).

Why is this matrix so different and so special? Why is it a must for any serious AV professional? Well please review some of the key features below to get a better idea!

Works with Alexa

With the neo Alexa skill enabled on your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot you can use voice commands to control devices connected to a neo:8 matrix. Fully certified by Amazon, this integration is native to Alexa and requires no configuration.

SKY™ IP Control

If you are in the know then you might be thinking that Sky doesn’t support CEC? And you would be correct. However the boffins at Pulse-Eight have implemented IP control with dynamic forwarding. What this means is that you can now control Sky via CEC! IP Based Sky HD/Q control is a first for a matrix and removes the need for any IR control in your system, removing that annoying weak link in your setup.

Matrix OS

At the core of neo is Matrix OS the beating heart of our 340Mhz video processing unit. Providing you with instant access to all of your connected source devices in stunning Ultra HD 4K, 1080p or 3D. This powerhouse helps to create a "just works" solution, from dynamically generating EDIDs (to ensure the best video quality to every TV) right through to handling software updates for the HDBaseT link. With one goal in mind. Giving you the best possible video distribution system in the world.

Contextual IR

8 in, 10 out, that's 80 possible combinations of your video. Historically matrixes have offered remotes with 8 or 16 buttons, requiring multiple presses to get video to the TV your watching. We thought this was an odd solution, given you already known which room you are in, so should the matrix! Our designers did away with this old concept and instead created Contextual IR, this reduces the number of buttons to just 10, one for each possible input. Whatever room your in, select 1, 2, 3, 4 and watch that source instantly.


But then we asked, why use IR at all? Most TVs now support CEC, we are world experts in CEC technology with our libCEC and USB-CEC Adapters, so we've baked that technology into neo. Now you can just use your normal TV remote and press the "Source" key, each of your input devices will be listed and just select the one you want and the matrix will route the video automatically, even if the source does not support CEC itself. If however, the source device does support CEC, then you can continue to control it via your remote control as neo will automatically relay the necessary messages to your source device.

Instant ON

In the UK, Sky (one of the main satellite TV providers) recently added CEC support, the way they did it was pretty interesting (simply press the "Sky" button and your TV turned on and so did the Sky+ HD box) and it gave us an idea, we could do this with neo. With Instant On, press the Sky button in any room and we will detect this, turn the TV on and switch the video path to the Sky+ HD box.

But we go one step further, if you have more than one Sky+ HD box connected to neo then we will intelligently detect which Sky+ HD box is not in use and route this to your TV. Don't worry if you are not in the UK, Instant On can be customised for just about any collection of source devices.

Scheduled Events

neo supports more than just reacting to button presses. You can configure neo to turn your TV on at a specific time, or turn it off. View a certain source from 3 till 7 and then something else till 12. It's all possible from within the web interface built into neo.

Web Interface

We want to give you the best experience possible, to do this, we think it's important you can access neo from any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop PC and in any browser. We've done this with our responsive design, so it works with you and not the other way round. Our web interface is built directly on top of our REST/API, this means that whatever you can do on your phone, you can get your control system to do also and vice versa. There are no hidden tricks or special codes that require a magic moon dance to work. All of our documentation is free and available on our monitoring site.


It's important that you get video all the time, to help us do that every neo professional matrix keeps in contact with our cloud management service. You can tell if this is working with the Monitored LED on the front of the matrix. If you get stuck, your installer or yourself can log into our cloud portal and see helpful diagnosis information (if you let them), fix problems remotely or tell you where you may have gone wrong in the installation. All of this is free of charge. If neo has a problem, we get alerted too and we can get in contact to arrange a hardware replacement or give you a step by step guide to get you up and running again.

Made in the UK

Everything that Pulse-Eight design, they manufacture and support themselves, all from their 12,000 sq ft facility in Poole, Dorset in the UK. Pulse-Eight's production team is passionate about perfection and each system goes through an extensive series of quality tests before it’s hand packed and shipped to you ensuring what you receive is ready for prime time.

3 Year Warranty

All of Pulse-Eight's matrixes come with a free standard 3 year warranty as standard, whereby if at any point during the warranty the unit becomes faulty you can return it back to us for repair. However, you may wish to take advantage of their advanced 3 year warranty or extended 5 year warranty (contact us for more details).


HDMI Inputs: 8 x HDMI Socket Type-A

HDBaseT Outputs: 8 x RJ45 Sockets

HDMI Outputs: 2 x HDMI Socket Type-A

HDMI signal: HDMI V2.0, HDCP 2.2

Resolution: Up to 4K@60Hz

Distance: 70m @ 1080p and 40m @ 4K

Bandwidth: 18Gbps

Audio: PCM, Dolby Digital™ and DTS Digital Surround™

IP Control: Industry standard drivers available for downloading

Operation Temperature: 0ºC ~ 60ºC

Power Supply: IEC C14 Inlet. 100-240V 50/60Hz @ 4.0/2.0 Amp

Dimensions: 19” x 2RU Chassis, 290mm deep

Weight: 4.5Kg

Colour: Black

Safety and Emissions: CE, FCC, RoHS

Package Includes

1 x 8 x 8 HDBaseT Matrix (main unit)

8 x Receivers

8 x IR Sender Cables

8 x IR Receiver Cables

1 x IR remote

1 x Power Supply + UK Mains Lead

Manufacturer: Pulse-Eight


8 x 10 HDBaseT Matrix, 70m

Product code: SC07.0810

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