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For those of you that have experienced the quality and reliability of the Scion PRO-1000 systems, you will appreciate why we continued our development of this legacy product in to the digital age.

Scion’s IPTV system delivers all the quality of today’s high resolution demands whilst maintaining the quality and endurance previously provided by the PRO-1000 legacy products. The new digital system has attractive and easy to navigate in room portals and offers video-on-demand, signage and also links directly to the hotels EPOS system. More information……..

Home TV Networks

Scion’s longest running product, the PRO-6000 was developed in 2005 and continues to surprise us with it’s continued success. Adopted by home owners and small office installations, this video matrix will remain in production for the foreseeable future. For those of you wishing to upgrade we recommend the the SC07.0404/8.

These new HDMI switching products provide all the facilities of the PRO-6000 and deliver high definition video up to 100m. More information……..

Luxury Yachts and Passenger Ferries

Yacht builders and marine design engineers have been installing the PRO-1000 series product for general television distribution on there vessels throughout the world. More recently the system was installed on a fleet of passenger ferries. With the launch of the new HD version designers and installers alike are pleased to see the products continued success.

The SC07.0808 high definition matrix system delivers resolutions up to 4K over 100m and controlled by third party products via RS232, IP or IR. More information……..

Digital Signage and Public Displays

Scion was once again at the forefront of technology when asked to partner Tesco® and Sainsbury’s® in there launch of digital signage systems. We offer a range of VGA and HDMI distribution systems designed specifically for multiple displays in large buildings and compasses.

These include both star wired CAT5 installations and TCP/IP solutions for both HDMI and VGA.

More information……..

Bank Trading Floors and Online Betting

With countless installations throughout the worlds trading banks, Scion offers a number of solutions for small and large systems. Whether you have dedicated public screens located around the building or have viewing screens on every desk, the selection of analogue and digital distribution products will compliment your installation.

Our systems are provided with networked managed television channel allocation allowing management to take control of which channels can be viewed. Please contact our sales team for further details.

Prisons and Secure Facilities

Using a combined products solution, Scion has been installing the PRO-1000 and  IPTV system in to large Prisons in England. This hybrid system provides all the security required by the facility and all the management control specified by HMP.

TV Channels are multicast over a secure fibre network and decoded in secure facility rooms where managed analogue distribution systems delivery high quality TV channels to each screen. The system also includes extras software features for messaging. Please contact our sales team for further details.



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